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There are now only 6 of 10  Special Limited- Edition signed Hand Embellished Prints available.
Archival Giclee paper, laid on back board, with Double Mount protected in Cello Sleeve ready to frame.
Each hand embellished print come with a Certificate of Authenticity
as well as a letter of authenticity from the WO Bentley Memorial Foundation signed by Mr Kenneth Lea making them very special historical pieces indeed.  
Here is your chance to get a piece of history.
At a cost of £395.00 plus postage.

Artwork numbers left.
1/10 sold
2/10 sold
3/10 sold

4/10 available
5/10 available
6/10 available
7/10 available
8/10 available
9/10 sold
10/10 available
Collection can be arranged at one of my future events to save postage
BDC Concours, RREC Concours, Salon Prive Blenheim Palace
BDC Silverstone see above Events tab for more details.


Released for sale
from 5:00pm today

As the Bentley Drivers Club official Resident Artist it was honour and a privilege to be asked to create a piece of fine art of this historical car.
The artwork was presented to Mr Kenneth at a BDC Talks Day on the 6th April 2024.  As a thank you for all his hard work and dedication not only the WO Bentley Memorial Foundation but in being the main driving force in the resurrection of this unique car the 1939 Bentley Corniche as we see today.


Resurrecting an icon 1939 Bentley Corniche Prototype there is only 1 in the world.

Mr Ken Lea ( standing with me above) has recently stepped down as Chairman of the WO Bentley Memorial Foundation.

Mr Adrain Hallmark then CEO of Bentley Motors and Mr Kenneth Lea were key players in getting this car for us to all appreciate today.

Crewe in 2019 Bentley has recreate a long lost car which has an illustrious past with a crucial link in the history of its most important models.   The cars pedigree of design and technological innovation with in house skills of Mulliner and coach builders Ashely and James based in Lymington.

The original Car designer was George Paulin.   The project to rebuild the car was overseen by Mr Adrian Hallmark, CEO of Bentley Motors, Mr Kenneth Lea, Robin Peel, who were Head of Heritage and Ian Broomhall and Glyn Davies of Mulliner.

The car has a magnificent and interesting histor.  At the Brooklands race circuit in the late 1930's it reached speeds well over 100 mph a significant improvement on the Mark V.  Clearly the car was way ahead of its time.

Here is a link to the Bentley's website it is truly an interesting read.

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