Dawn Bosley
Writer, Artist and Illustrator 

Look out she is in the Zone!

IMG_0999 2.JPG

Dawn simply wants to bring fun and plenty of colour into our lives with her beautiful artwork and illustrations.  


We all know when Dawn is drawing, she gets into her zone and her studio goes very quiet.  


She loves to experiment with shapes and colour and loves a challenge. She can be found simply curled up in a chair creating her wild and wacky artwork and is often up all hours, just to get her ideas on paper.

As well as using traditional mediums such as watercolour and acrylic, she loves creating digital art.  It's easy to share, store and super fast to reproduce and send around the world. 

Things you may not know about Dawn!

  • She loves walking bare foot at every opportunity.

  • She loves chocolate.  Who doesn't!!

  • Loves her garden and growing organic veggies.  

  • Loves bluebells and primroses.

  • Partial to a glass of bubbles and anything that twinkles.

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Royal albert hall.tiff
Theo flying flag still.png

Dawn's other projects and links to her websites

Creator of 'Theo The Yellow Bird' Children's Adventure Stories

Dawn is putting all her skills to good use, she is also a creator, author and illustrator of children's books and colouring books which comes with free music, yes you have guess she has created that too!!

All can be found on www.theotheyellowbird.com

Dawn's Music Website

She is also a composer, singer-songwriter, recording engineer

All her grown up music can be found on www.dawnbosleymusic.com