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Wild and Wacky Artwork 
Full of fun and colour

Email enquiries about this artwork
Signed Giclee Prints range from £475.00
standard glazed, framed and ready to hang

Signed Acrylic on Canvas range from £2,400
unframed on stretcher bars ready to hang
framing can be arranged.

Larger canvas sizes are available up to 1.5m 

Artwork No 10023 

Title: What is he doing?

Artwork No 10024
Title Gone Fishing 

Gone fishing.png

Artwork No 10025
Title: At the Theatre

Artwork 1.png

Artwork No 10026
Title: Luscious Lips


Artwork No 10027
Title: Architecture


Artwork No 10028
Title: Light at the End

Project 21 artwork.png

Artwork No 10029
Title: Circles

Project 21 artwork 2.png

Artwork No 10030
Title: Shiver

Project 21 artwork 3.png

Artwork No 10031
Title: See the Sea

See in the sea.png

Artwork No 10032
Title: Hands

Artwork 2.png

Artwork No 10033
Title: Queen of the East


Artwork No 10034
Title: There you are!

I found you.tiff

Artwork No 10035
Title: Freddy and The Star Fish


Artwork No 10036
Title: Stop where you're going


Artwork No 10037
Title: Coral

Dawns art 20.tiff

Artwork No 10038
Title: Birthday Balloons 


Artwork No 10039
Title: Gammatrex

Dawns artwork 22.tiff

Artwork No 10040
Title: Fun in the Ocean

Dawns art 21.tiff

Artwork No 10041
Title: Zorrz the Dragon

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